Multilingual Children Learn Language with a Measuring Tape

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Encourage your multilingual child to have fun practicing numbers in his languages while measuring everything in sight!

All you need for this multilingual activity is a measuring tape (a small one is best for your multilingual’s little hands and fingers). If you can’t find a measuring tape, then a ruler or other such measuring device will do.

Encourage your multilingual child to measure things in the house, outside, while grocery shopping, in the car, while taking a walk and more. Talk about numbers and the relationship between longer/larger things and the higher the numbers. Show your child the numbers on the measuring tape and talk about the lines in between.  It is amazing how much multilingual fun you can have with something as simple as a tape measure!

Don’t overwhelm your child but also make sure to keep this activity stimulating by pointing out different things to measure. If your multilingual child is older, then take this opportunity to discuss additional concepts such as how to calculate the area of an item, what an object’s “footprint” is and what depth means.

The topics you can discuss are endless and with a measuring tape in hand, the multilingual fun can last for hours, days or even weeks.

Have you done other similar multilingual activities?  Please share and let us know how else we can use numbers to increase multilingualism in our lives!

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