How to Keep Your Multilingual Child Stimulated

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To keep multilingualism alive in your household, it is essential that you keep your children multilingually stimulated!

How in the world can go about this!?

One important step is to match vocabulary and sentence structures to your multilingual child’s ability level.  As your child matures, you should aim to introduce more complex grammar and to broaden their multilingual vocabulary.

Read your multilingual child books in your language which match the level of what they are reading in the majority language and have conversations with your multilingual child that match the level of discussion your child is having with other adults in the majority language.

Be careful not to overwhelm your multilingual child with too many words and complex sentences too soon.  Make it a gradual process toward language mastery. If your child doesn’t seem to understand what you are discussing, then simplify things more.  If your child clearly understands everything you are saying, then find ways to add in a few new words for the same things.

How have you been able to increase your multilingual child’s vocabulary and grammar?  What mistakes have you made along the way and what have been your greatest successes?

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