Encourage Your Multilingual Child to Learn Numbers

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You can encourage your child to count in the second language if you make it a fun game!  Before doing any activity today, count to ten or twenty or more…

“Ok, before we run to the slide, let’s count to ten. Ready set, go, one, two, three…”

Even if your child doesn’t count with you, count yourself so that they will hear you and make the association between the language and having fun.

You can add to the fun by counting in different languages.

Add to the fun by counting backwards:  “This time we’ll count backwards until we get to zero and then we’ll run around the sofa three times!” And then count while you run around the sofa.

Young kids usually enjoy things being repeated over and over so although you may think your child is fed up with counting, they probably aren’t. Let them give you cues as to whether they are enjoying it or not.

If your child shows resistance, try just counting to yourself while you do things, “Ah, here are three apples, yummy! Now I’m going to walk to the front door. I’ll bet it will take me 10 steps. Let’s see, 1, 2…. .” This might get your child at least interested. Bit by bit you might bring him in. But don’t worry if you don’t. It takes time and each child is different.

Let me know how this activity works for you!  And let me how how you changed it to make it work for your family!

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